I.C.U. Nurses Bangkok Hospital

intensive care nurses


Thank you Gifts: The Luckiest Man Alive our holiday to Thailand  almost ended in tragedy when I needed lifesaving brain surgery to drain a blood clot. We were into the third day of our three-week 3-day stay in Pattaya when I felt unwell while lying by the pool. We went back to our hotel room so I could lie down felt something go pop in my head followed the most violent headache, quickly realised something was seriously wrong. "One minute we were enjoying ourselves and then the next I nearly died,"
Surgeons pinned the blood vessel to stop the bleeding and fitted a tube to drain the blood clot from my head. My wife was absolutely petrified as the surgeons said it was touch and go whether I would survive,".  I did survive due to the excellent care from the intensive care nurses Thank you. You saved my life.

Gifts for ALL

its been 8 long years to recovery going back to  Bangkok Hospital in November. I now feel its time to give back for the excellent medical care from the Doctors and I.C.U. Nurses at Bangkok Hospital. 

Would love to  go back this year bearing gifts as a thank you for saving my life. So what gifts could I  give them, we all love the latest gadgets, maybe the new Iphone 8.

Sponsors Required NOW

I need a Mobile Phone Company to donate 20+ Apple Iphone's or Samsung Galaxy's 128Gb and two 256Gb top of the range Rose gold and jet black, so I can give as a thank you gift  to all the ICU2 Nurses and Doctors in Bangkok Hospital as a thank you for saving my life.

Are you a supplier of Iphone and live in the South Yorkshire area do you want to be a sponsor if so contact me NOW