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I need to raise £15,000 + for physiotherapy treatment asap

When you visit a friend in an High dependency unit whos had an horrific accident puts your life into prospective He now needs urgent physiotherapy treatment to get him back to some sort of life again. But its going to cost a lot of money to get the best for him thats what I want being his mate for some 45 + years, I know he would be there for me in my time of need so am I there for him. I have decided to try fundraising the money is needed ASAP dont have time to wait he needs the treatment now

This is your opportunity to play an active role in helping my mates journey to good health he needs physiotherapy treatment and skull reconstruction surgery by making a small donation  of  £ 5 ..You can be part of his journey back to some form of normal life his family wife children and gran daughters want him back. So do I.

I need your help to save my friend from mental and physical disabilaties, hes not in a good place right now he desperately needs the physio.

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