'One-Stop' Eco GREEN Directory

 One-Stop Eco GREEN Directory

Eco-conscious visitors know and trust our  one stop eco green business directory  We have the most comprehensive  list of companies who specialise in providing environmentally friendly products and services world-wide.  

Unique Selling Point (USP)

 Unique Selling Point (USP)
The way we sell advertising space

At the Green Planet Advertiser we don't have a standard sized advert. We are the only advertising company that lets our potential customers set the size of there advert from 1 box to as many there marketing budget will allow.

We individually vet all the companies listed in our directory so you can be sure of their ethical and eco-friendly credentials.

Benefits of advertising with us

We offer competitively priced flexible advertising with a link to a global marketplace Other advertising companies cannot, or will not offer this kind of flexibility in there advertising.

By advertising in our directory you can target a very specific audience who are ethically minded and actively searching for green, fair trade and eco-friendly products and services.

Join us now and advertise your green credentials and products with us. Worldwide.


free advertising space
Free advertising space

We have created free space in our green countries section to help companies compete in markets that were previously beyond their reach, benefiting especially small enterprises from developing countries who will gain exposure to a global marketplace.

Email your details to us
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2.  Short information about your company. 4.  Country you want your free advert  in. 

This weeks tip on Going Green

Eco-Friendly Gardening
The spring and summer season is a busy time for gardeners, and that means many of us will be looking for new and exciting ways to upgrade our yards. However, this year, instead of looking simply for new plants and accessories for the garden, try focusing also on new methods.

One of the trendiest things in gardening is to take strides toward a more sustainable, eco-friendly method of gardening.

There are plenty of ways to go about arranging your garden in a way that benefits (or at least doesn't harm) the surrounding environment

Bring In The Birds
Inviting birds to your garden is one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to create an eco-friendly garden. Whether at a local gardening shop, or even an online store, you can find birdhouses, birdbaths, and bird feeders all to encourage your feathered friends into your garden. Once there, the birds will serve as natural pest control, preying on insects that would ordinarily need to be exterminated with potentially harmful pesticides.

We are the only global advertising company that allows our potential customers to advertise this way.Nobody sells global advertising space with this amount of flexibility